Current Project

The Lacamas Lake Project

My 9 year-old son and I have started a project/page to raise awareness and help stop pollution in our hometown lake. We are getting involved and started learning how to monitor the lake ourselves, will learn how to become a Watershed Steward and hopefully reach everyone in our community about the lake and how we can help it.

The Water Nymph of Lacamas Lake (short film)

Along with The Lacamas Lake Project, my son and I are filming a short movie. It is a family fantasy about a Water Nymph two children find in their hometown lake who needs their help.

My novel writing has been put on hold while we finish this project. Please click on the links and "Like" our pages and share with your friends. The more people who know about it the more effective the project will be. We will not be asking for money, just want to learn more about filming and want to spread the word about how to help limit the pollution getting to our lakes and other waterways. Thanks!

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